Complete your Collection during Catch-Up-Month!

What is Catch-Up-Month?
First of all it’s a great opportunity to complete your collection. As a Member you will get a whopping 50% off all STL purchases. So, in case you joined late of paused for a month, you can now easily fill the gaps in your collection. In case you’re not a member, you can join here.

You already have all the files?

Still you may want to download your files again from the Download Page. Why? Because before Catch Up Month all parts have been renamed, and completed with renders. This means that parts are now much easier to find and future “official builds” will refer to these specific part numbers.

One more thing…

As part of the renaming and clean-up, I have invested into a new feature on the GDT website: The Online Catalogue. Basically it is a search engine that allows you to search the entire GDT Catalogue and find the parts you want. Right now we are busy with the data entries of hundreds of parts (because the havent been tagged and categorized), but you can already have a look at the function here.

Catch-Up-Month will last from Aug 20th to September 15th.

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