February 2021 Package – Ares Orbital Defense Network

Ever wondered how drop pods get shot down? Having trouble making planetfall? The Ares Orbital Defense Network might be the reason for that. The February Package comes with a whopping 40+ new parts for several GrimDark Terrain lines: 


We’re seeing wall gun emplacements for both the plastic kit and the Walls of Mytilene, various parts to build the base for your orbital defense network, bastions, walkways, different equipments, point defense guns and even a big ass missle silo. 

Heresy Train

The Heresy Train gets expanded with additional monorail segments and (from the wishlist) with the booze waggon, which is entirely Ondrey’s fault. So if you wanna run a narrative mission, protecting a Amasec delivery to the plantary palace…. now you can. 

Also I included a Buffer Stop for the end of the monorail line.


The walls of mytilene kit gets expanded with various elements such as a train gate and a tank gate, as well as the broadside gun wall segment. Wanna blast that nasty infantry to pieces? Quickly install the broadside segments and get booming. 


The Pyraeus line gets both updated and expanded. I future-proofed the Pylons from the 100 Patron goal to make it compatible with the Pyraeus Refinery line (why didn’t I think about this earlier?) and also expanded into smaller pylons that fit the roof tops of the existing plastic kits. Please note that you can add the mid segments to the small pylons and build as high as you want! 


You know what to do… 

Admin & Personal remark

You will know a few things have changed in comparison to the January Package: 

  • I included a inventory list as suggested in your feedback and this was a lot of work, but I think it improves the experience a lot. You will now find an excel file in every package, detailing not only the content of the package but also giving you a list of pictures and compatible parts to build
  • I started a Glossary for terminology of the GrimDark Terrain lines. We’re in the second month and already have almost around 80 different parts published… I feel like we need to have order from the beginning so stuff gets not messy. 
  • However, these two things mentioned above have been very very time consuming, but I gave it priority over the inclusion of wishlisting items from the wishlist. You will note that in the inventory there are 8 items that I did not manage to finalize, yet. This has several reasons: the two missing gates for example just are not nice enough in my opinion and the tech emplacements need some more design work. But worry not! I will deliver within the next few days.

@ those who signed up in February: you will have noted that the January package is unavailable to you. This is intended and how this thing works. However, you will get a discount voucher for the Walls of Mytilene, as soon as I have sorted the whole store thing out.

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