2022 Content Outlook: What’s in development?

Phew… almost one year already! First of all let me extend my gratitude towards all the members and merchants for the ongoing support and the fantastic journey GDT had in 2021. You guys are awesome! When we started in January 2021, I didn’t anticipate the impact this would have both on my personal life (aka almost no private hobby anymore) but also on the game itself. I am so happy to see so many gaming tables around the globe using GrimDark Terrain pieces (some even in 28mm!) – be it as upgrades to the civitas kits or as stand-alone buildings.

So, I figured it’s only fair to give you all an outlook to 2021. Here is a list of things I have in the drawers and/or am working on at the moment. Please note that this is not a release schedule and it may happen that some things come sooner and some may come later, in case I am unhappy with the results (looking at you, Icarion 😉 ).

But before I am diving into the details let me extend my gratitude to all of you people who supported the project. Without the awesome GDT community the whole thing would have been impossible. Thank you all for that!

Prometheum Processing & Refining

One thing that we haven’t covered yet thematically is the whole

  • Argos Upgrades with large Prometheum Tanks
  • Pipelines and connectors
  • Fueling stations to connect to Landing Pads
  • Samson Tanker Version
  • Fuel Bunker
  • Full Refinery Kits for the Pyraeus range

GrimDark Nautica

One thing I am personally in love with is all nautic topics. One of my “F*ck yes!”-Moments in the AT lore was the march under the sea on Ryza. How awesome is that? Ever since then, I’d thought about making a nautic line. So… be ready. It’s coming sooner or later!

  • Loading Cranes
  • More container handling vehicles
  • Various nautic vessel
  • Lighthouse

Space Egypt Wizard Cities

We all love space, we love ancient Egypt and naturally we love wizardry. Combining those leads to one awesome thing: Tizca!

Lunar Base

The gene smiths of Luna will get a very esoteric line of buildings to represent the non-imperial and dark age of technology roots of the gene smiths. I don’t wanna spoil to much here and a number of details in the design may still change, but think of it as massive Kharon-styled buildings in concentric arrays. Naturally, you will also be able to build a double helix building.

  • Buildings will look very different from current gothic / imperial lines.
  • Think Sisters of Silence in Space.

Mechanicum Production Lines

What happens underneath a Forge Fane? Or how does production work? We’ll discover that in 2022’s #Maychanicum with conveyor belts and productions lines.

Titan Gantry

Do I really need to say more? 😀

The Interregnum

This one is pretty far out, but I still wanna mention it: the Interregnum. Think of a human civilization that not only survived old night but also progressed.


I plan on getting fitting bases for all settings of GDT. Like Bunkers and scorched earth for Argos, City Fight for Imperial Palace, AdMech for Olympus Mons and so on. I do not know if I can manage to cram all these things into 2022, but lets see.


The “Universal Hex Campaign Map” (UHCM) will be one of the first releases in 2022. The UHCM allows you to build a universally useful map grid and fill it according to the campaign system you’re playing with terrain inserts. (Blog post featured image shows the UHCM).

That’s it for now, please also read the other post on practical things for the upcoming year. Cheers!

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