Ares Missle Silo with Walkway 8mm Terrain


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Missle Silo with Walkway (8mm Terrain)

Complete Missle Silo with 9 parts in 8mm Terrain scale. This set works as a stand alone terrain piece and extension to any other sets from the Ares product line. Cobine multiple with a Missle Command to create a whole missle base or connect a walkway to connect to other Ares buildings.

Like all Ares sets, this Missle Silo is fully compatible to the plastic Civitas kits. The Ares Product Line features a massive collection of additional parts and options to upgrade your fortifications. Ranging from extra wall sections to increase height, walkways to connect to other buildings or gun emplacements for Civitas buildings.

Each side can be swapped with GW Civitas wall segements.

Above all, this terrain kit is perfecly suited for 6mm and 8mm game systems such as Epic, Epic Armageddon and Adeptus Titanicus.

Included Parts

This 9 part set includes:

  • 1x Missle Top Floor (size 2×2 BT)
  • 3x Ares Base Wall
  • 1x Ares Base Wall Narrow Walkway Connector
  • 4x Ares Base Wall Corners

Model Kit comes unassembled and unpainted.

Additional clean up work required to remove print supports.

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