January 2022 – STL Package

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The January 2022 package introduces the Universal Hex Campaign Map and the first set of 8 Terrain Inserts. Also there is a number of Argos Bases included.

Sold By: GrimDark Terrain

January 2022 sees a lot of brand new additions to the GrimDark Terrain product ranges. Read the Release Post to learn more.

Universal Hex Campaign Map

All parts to build a Hex Grid for the Universal Campaign Map.

Terrain Inserts

January als sees the first batch of Terrain Inserts to be used with the Universal Hex Campaign Map. There will be a lot more Terrain Inserts for all types of terrain in the future. This here is just a base of 8 different traain inserts.

  • TI-001 Terrain Insert – Ash Waste 1
  • TI-002 Terrain Insert – Rocky Dunes 1
  • TI-003 Terrain Insert – Rocky Dunes 2
  • TI-004 Terrain Insert – Rocky Dunes 3
  • TI-005 Terrain Insert – Rocky Dunes 4
  • TI-006 Terrain Insert – Argos Mesa 1
  • TI-007 Terrain Insert – Argos Mesa 2
  • TI-008 Terrain Insert – Ash Waste 2

Ares Base Set

The first range of Ares Base toppers is also releases this month. The base toppers are to be used on the regular plastic bases. January 2022 includes an Ares themed pack.

  • 8x Base Toppers for 40mm
  • 2x Base Toppers for 50mm
  • 4x Base Toppers for 80mm
  • 3x Base Toppers for Oval 105mm
  • 3x Base Toppers for Oval 120mm



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