Reaver Melting Heat Cannon

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This old school design allows you to upgrade your Titans with an older version of the boom cannon.

Sold By: GrimDark Terrain

Upgrade your Titans with a vulcanic boom cannon!

This old school design allows you to upgrade your Titans with an older version of the melting heat cannon. It features a socket for 5mm magnets and comes presupported.

This is in the package:

  • Melting Heat Cannon (plain)
  • Melting Heat Cannon (supported)
  • Chitubox File for easy adding of supports

I do test print all files on an Anycubic Mono X. However, some machines may require additional supports.

**Note: **This is designed for resin printers. FDM will not work.

Print Info

Reduced lift speed leads to best results when printing presupported files. All files were successfully tested using a lift speed of 45 mm/min. Confirmed successful printing settings by GrimDark Terrain using Anycubic Grey resin with the AnyCubic Mono X:

Layer Height: 0.025mm Bottom Layer Count: 8 Exposure Time: 1.6s Bottom Exposure Time: 30s

Troubleshooting / Failed Prints

If peeling from the build-plate mostly happens due to

  • an insufficient bottom layer count or
  • bottom exposure time.

Solution: Increase one or both.

If the model’s supports fail, the reason for this in most cases is:

  • inadequate exposure time or
  • lift speed to fast

Solution:Increase exposure time or descrease lift speed or both.

Make sure the environment you’re printing in is sufficiently warm. Most resins show best results at 22-25°C.

Regarding pre-supports and scaling.

The supports are designed to be printed at the default 100% scale, I cannot guarantee they will work for re-scaled models. Of course this is all dependent on printer settings and resin types so please feel free to experiement. For the ease of things I have included the chitubox file for supports. Unsupported versions of all files are included so users may experiment with their own scales, settings and supports.


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