September 2022 – STL Package

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September 2022 expands on the Harbour theme and brings new types of buildings to the GDT ranges. Not only can you build a (very tall) centre piece for your harbour themed battlefield, but also you can add height to your existing building using the plinth system. Also there are massive promethium dumps now, as you would expect in a harbour.

Proxy Titan and Pipelines not included!

STC Templated included

You can build the following STCs with the September 2022 package:

  • STC-090 Pyraeus Lighthouse
  • STC-091 Pyraeus Promethium Dump
  • STC-092 Pyraeus Connected Promethium Dump
  • STC-093 Pyraeus Administratum Plinth
  • STC-094 Pyraeus Utility Plinth
  • STC-095 Navale Imperialis Landing Ferry

Update History

– 11th September 2022 (added PY-199 in the update zip)


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