Licensed Merchants

Buy printed from licensed GDT Merchants

You want GrimDark Terrain on your gaming table, but you don’t have a 3D printer? Don’t worry, there are still ways for you to get our terrain. A growing number of licensed merchants will be happy to print the terrain for you! GrimDark Terrain licensed merchants have the whole range available and will print the parts you need.

We of course recommend to buy with the Merchant closest to you. If you’re interested in becoming a Merchant, you will need to purchase the Machinator Subscription.

Check out our Merchant’s list (sorted alphabetically).

Country Licensed Merchant Currency Facebook Shop Delivers to
AT Gernot (Wargaming Vision) EUR - Shop EU
DE Thomas (MegaSonicPunch) EUR Site Shop EU
FR Guillaume (Laitdemontagne) EUR Site Shop EU
UK Douglas (Lune Constructs) GBP Site Shop worldwide
UK Richard (ROK minis) GBP Site Shop worldwide
UK David (Amygdalan 3D Prints) GBP - Shop UK
UK (Scotland) Quillan (Obsidian Forge) GBP Site Shop UK & EU
US Aaron (Hangar81) USD Site Shop United States
US Eric (Gadzooks Gaming) USD Site Shop worldwide
US Nick (Metal Oak Casting Studios) USD Site Shop North America

Have your own printer? Subscribe!

We do have a number of subscribers that do not have their own 3D printers and yet are subscribed to the project. While this is totally not necessary, it still is a very welcome contribution to the existance of GrimDark Terrain.

If you know already what you want you can purchase a subscription right away and ejnoy all the benefits coming with it today. Simply select the subscrition that is best for you and check out the basket. If you are unsure which subscription is best for you, please have a look at the subscription page.