Why not just run a Patreon?

Simple answer: Patreon is bad for what I do.

Long answer: the Patreon system is intransparent and inflexible. With my own site I have the freedom I need to do things exactly as I want.

3D Printing and Files

What does "pre-supported" mean?

It means, that you do not have to manually set the supports for the STLs you purchase. Supporting can be a tiresome and annoying process. GDT did that for you already and also test printed all files.

Do you really test print everyting?


What if my prints fail?

In most cases this is related to exposure times and other printer settings. While I can support the files and provide them to you, it is impossible for me to give you the settings perfect for your printer-resin-combination.

However, to make adding supports easy for you, I am including the chitubox file in every download.

But don’t worry: we have a growing discord community of members, that print at home. There is an ongoing exchange on all topics related to printing and the best settings for the different machines members are using.


Why a subscription model?

There is two reasons for that:

  1. Having a number of supporters (or Patrons) that support my work, helps me to plan ahead and allocate sufficient time without having to worry.
  2. The Subscription is more than just a monthly payment, you are in a unique relationship to me, the creator of GDT. With constant feedback, a lot of wishlisting and a number of perks you will be part of a growing community that enjoys 3D printed terrain.

What benefits do subscribers have?

There are a many benefits:

  1. You get the files regularly
  2. You get the files cheaper
  3. You get the files first

If that does not make you wont to subscribe, here are some more reasons.

  • All subscribers (except the Capulus) gain a membership discount of 25% for pruchasing STLs from the GDT shop
  • You become part of our discord community with membership perks
  • You get access to hidden posts, polls and feedback mechanism

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time.

If you purchased a membership that lasts for a longer period than one month, you can cancel as soon as this period is over, but then again you also get these months at a discounted rate.