Official Builds

This page gives you an overview of all the official builds that GDT developed. It’s constantly being expanded both by creator designs and community designs. Every post will give you the parts and the quantities needed for the particular build. Sizes are indicated in the pictures.

Universal Hex Campaign Map

Learn how to build a Universal Hex Campaign Map to be used in any of your future Campaigns.

STC: Deathstrike Missle Base

The Ares Deathstrike Missle Base is a massive building with four mighty missle silos.

STC: Umbraculum Minoris

The Umbraculum Minoris is a small void shield emplacement common to most imperial cities.

STC: Pod Storage 196

A much bigger pod storage for larger Forge Worlds. Stores 196 pods.

STC: Bifforium Administratum

The Bifforium Administratum is a large building kit big enough to hide a Warlord Titan.

STC: Tesla Fence Tower

A massive Tesla Fence system to keep out mega fauna andsneaky titans.

STC: Pod Storage 112

Tall and Narrow Mechanicum Building with 112 Pods in storage.

STC: Argos Grimdustrial Chimney

Industrial Chimney for upgrading existing buildings or as a stand-alone pieace of scenery.

STC: Aeolus Small Craft Landing Pad 1

A small Aeolus Landing Pad (TH fits) incl. a base. Ideal for gaming mats or full GDT tables.

STC: Asterion Holding Unit

The Asterion Holding Unit is a mid security level prison for regular criminals.