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The tale of the Cities of Nysa

Back in 2018 I started the GrimDark Terrain project out of necessity for not having better terrain options and building upgrades. Over the years, different styles and cites emerged and the world Nysa was born. Evey set of upgrades, building blocks and

The system capital Nysa Prime is a world of abundance. Fertile ground, several inhabitable planets in the system and plentiful ores and minerals make Nysa to one of the main trading hubs in the sector.

For GrimDark Terrain I will tell the story of different lines of building types with one of the 7 Nysan Makropolis. (yes, one is not revealed yet). With the range growing in the future, this list will be updated regularly.

Mytilene - The Capital

The rich Capital and city of contrasts. Green parks and Lavish palaces stand against the slums of the poor.

Pyraeus - The Harbor City

The coastal City of Pyraeus is seat of the planets‘ Merchants guild. Refineries and container docks dominate the Planet‘s major trading hub.

Ares - The Garrison

The bellicose city of ares is prepared to defend against all threats from outside and within.

Olympus Mons - The Forges

The City of Manufacturers and home to Legio Cenotaph. Large forge fanes belch out smoke in the sky and the ever industrious priests in Martian red are building the Nysan infrastructure.

Argos - The Frontline

The Bunker Network outside of Argos is said to be the largest in the Sector.

Aeolus - The Spaceports

Home to Spaceports and Air Pads moving quick deliveries. Aeolus is said to be the place where the terran colonists made Planetfall.

And then, last but not least:

The Heresy Train

The Heresy Train connects all the cities and has no brakes.