The first days… holy bananas!

Hey Architects! Quick update from my side here.

I am totally excited that the whole thing already gained so much traction and I have been swamped with messages, emails and the like… So, I am happy to say that I took a day off from my day job tomorrow and will dedicate the whole day to creating the following:

– download package for January

– a picture pack for the Machinarius tier to share on their stores

– building instructions (added to the January package)

– an FAQ site with the most common questions

Now, I have set goals for this project and (although this is somehow not visible to everyone) we are only 5 subscibers shy of the first free package. So help me spread the word please.

And this is what I have in mind as a small give-away for reaching 75 subs: my interpretations of a Vulcanic Boom Cannon and a Melta Cannon as a Bonus 🙂