STC-193: Administratum Observatorium

In the shadowed era of the Horus Heresy, the Administratum Observatorium stands as a bastion of arcane vigilance. Its artificer sensory domes, crowned atop the edifice like the skulls of ancient warriors, bristle with esoteric detection mechanisms. Within these hallowed chambers hum multi-band auspices, gauges that whisper of immaterium fluxes, and omni-vox arrays that roar with the voices of a thousand worlds. Among these enigmatic machineries, devices so arcane and eldritch lurk, that only the most erudite of the Tech-Priests can dare to comprehend their function. Beneath a façade mirroring the grandeur of a regal palace, these mid-sized aedifices stand vigilant, an unseen yet unyielding line of defense in the sprawling labyrinth of the Imperial Palace, guarding against threats both seen and unseen, material and ethereal. […] 

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