Win a full year of GDT Membership!

Share your STC creation and enter the competition. The winner will get a full year of GDT releases for free! This is a fun little competition that will incorporate community builds into the STC catalogue.

Don’t know what I mean by STC?

In the context of GrimDark Terrain the term “STC” refers to an official build that is shared on the website with parts lists, renders and tiny bits of story. It is basically a building instruction to a certain setup / building using the GDT parts. Here is an example.

What do I have to do?

  1. Create an STC that is entirely your invention and assemble it digitally.
  2. Give the STC a name and some background
  3. Share the parts list with quantities of each part
  4. upload all to the GDT site using the form below

How does it work?

This competition is on from April 22nd to May 31st 2023. After the deadline, Rudolf aka Broncofish will select 10 STC from the pool and create a poll including the STC Name, description and some high res renders.

The poll will be on the website and shared on social media. Voting will be open for a week.

Once the voting is completed the winner will be awarded a full year of GDT releases (i.e. 12 months of Architectus Membership plus all releases done by Rudolf aka Broncofish)

What happens to the STC that don’t win a prize?

Your creation will most likely become immortal and make it into the Official Builds gallery. GDT reserves the right to publish STCs submitted and will credit the submitter.

What exactly are the prizes?

  1. Place is a full year of Architectus Membership (12 Packages)
  2. Place is half a year of Architectus Membership (6 Packages)
  3. Place is 3 Packages of their choosing


  • The STC has to be your idea
  • You can enter the competition with more than one STC
  • If your STC design is based on an existing STC, it have to be significantly altered / modified. Just changing search lights against antennae isnt enough. Don’t be cheesy 😉
  • You can only use official GDT parts
  • No derivates, no kitbashes / 3rd party STLs
  • You cannot pass on / sell your reward

Upload your STC

Tell us about the STC's origin or function
Add the parts number and the quantity needed to build this STC. (e.g. 5x OM-088
Upload the assembled file as an *.stl or *.blend file.
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: stl, blend, Max. file size: 512 MB, Max. files: 1.
    Please tell us your name that we can share online. nicknames are totally fine.
    Tell us your E-Mail so we can contact you at a later stage.