Argonaut – Reaver – Isurus Traitor Kit

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An alternative, traitor pattern version of the Reaver Armour Plates, made to fit the 8mm Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Titan.

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An alternative take on the armour for the Reaver Titan, traitor allegiance, made to fit the Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Titan.

“As the Great Crusade spread across the galaxy, there was a need for an armour pattern that could be produced by minor forge worlds, to assist in the quick repair of Titans in the field. From this need the ‘Isurus’ pattern was born.”

This is a full set of armour plates (featuring a combined knee and shin plate design), with 2 options for the carapace and 2 for the shoulder plates to choose from, to give your traitors a whole new look.

This kit consists of:

  • Carapaces – choice of 2, ‘Arrows’ or ‘Halo’
  • Shoulders plates – choice of 2, ‘fin’ (left shoulder) or ‘block’ (symmetrical)
  • Chest plate
  • Groin plate
  • Rear plate
  • Shin – inside plate (left leg)
  • Shin – outside plate (left leg)

Included are: STLs, Supported STLs and Lychee scenes, in case you’d need to change / add supports.

Note: For the shin plates and the fin shoulder plate, remember to mirror the files for the right side. The block shoulder plate is symmetrical and does not need to be mirrored, just duplicated. The Lychee scene ‘… – full set’ contains all you need to print 2 full sets (1 of each carapace, 1 of each shoulder plate, 2 of each chest, groin, rear, shin – inside, shin – outside plates, along with the required mirrors).

This 3D printable digital product is designed and sold by Argonaut. It is not part of a monthly GrimDark Terrain subscription (this does also apply to Machinator Merchants. The merchants license only extends to GDT products).


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