STC-023: Pyraeus Promethium Buffer

Promethium Buffers are a very common sight anywhere Promethium is used by vehicles. Promethium Buffers allow for quick storage at central transportation hubs with high throughput.

Parts List

All parts needed for this kit are included in the June 2022 Package.

  • 1x PY-117 Pyraeus – 2×2 Vert Pipeline Base Plate
  • 1x PY-098 Pyraeus – Sphere Bottom 2 L
  • 1x PY-108 Pyraeus – Mega Tank LCBT Spacer L2
  • 1x PY-101 Pyraeus – Mega Tank HG 2 L
  • 1x PY-102 Pyraeus – Mega Tank Sphere Topping 2
  • 1x PY-028 Pyraeus – Tank Lid 1


Like always remember to dry fit, watch your fingers and don’t sniff resin dust. 🙂

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