STC-019: Hermes Ripley

Parts List

  • 2x Feet (VH-021, VH-022 or VH-023)
  • 1x Right Leg (VH-029 to VH-033)
  • 1x Left Leg (VH-024 to VH-028)
  • 1x VH-035 Hermes – Mandible Joint
  • 1x VH-036 Hermes – Torso
  • 1x VH-034 Hermes – Aft Plate
  • 1x VH-040 Hermes – Counter Weight Module
  • 1x VH-043 Hermes – Lifter Arm R
  • 1x VH-042 Hermes – Lifter Arm L
  • 1x VH-037 Hermes – Exhausts L
  • 1x VH-038 Hermes – Exhausts R
  • 1x VH-044 Hermes – Open Lifter Fork

You will need those additional previously released parts:

  • 2x MT-005 Mytilene – Tech Emplacements Spotlight
  • 1x AG-063 Argos – Pavaise VS Projector Coils

Additionally you will need those magnets

  • 6x 5x1mm Magnets


Like always remember to dry fit, watch your fingers and don’t sniff resin dust. 🙂

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