STC-024: Pacificator Bastion

Part List

  • 4x AR-072 Ares – 1HCBT Shutter Door
  • 4x AR-075 Ares – 1HCBT Diagonal Wall
  • 1x AR-076 Ares – Octagon Floor
  • 4x AR-065 Ares – Arbiter Tower Wall
  • 8x AR-066 Ares – Ball Empl. Mount
  • 8x AR-067 Ares – Mauler Ball Emplacement
  • 8x AR-055 Ares – HCBT Fort Pillar
  • 4x AR-057 Ares – Battlement Corner Emplacement
  • 4x AR-054 Ares – L2 Battlement
  • 1x OM-030 Olympus Mons – 2×2 Storage Topping

Please note that for the ball joint emplacements you can replace AR-067 with AR-068 Ares – Laser Ball Emplacement (in case you prefer Laser Cannons).

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