February 2021 – What’s in the Package?

Subscription platforms have their limits and one of these limits is, that the package posts are not public and people interested in backing the project would not see clearly what’s in this month’s GDT Package. This post is to shed some light on this month’s content.

The main thing this month is the “Ares Orbital Defense Gun”, which is a 16 piece stand-alone kit. You do not have to have any other kits by GDT in order to build this.

The February 2021 Package will be available for all subscribed users (except the Capulus Tier) until February 28th 2021. In case you are new to GDT and you have missed the January package, dont worry! Once you signed up you will enjoy a store-wide membership discount of at least 35% on all previously released STLs. You can buy the “Walls of Mytilene” (Januar 2021) here.

In March we will explore the Bunker Networks of Argos and the surrounding trenchworks and a new package will be available.

Ares Orbital Defense Laser

The Ares defense laser is a fully posable multipart kit that you can mount on any flat surface. It’s up to you if you wanna upgrade existing building of your own collection or mix the laser tower with the parts included in February. The small guns in the bastion walls are optional and both versions are included.

Ares Orbital Defense Missle Silo

The Missle Silo is a multipart kit to build a half-underground ICBM-style silo that houses a very large missle. Of course, you can mix and match with other parts or integrate with plastic pieces. Here is an example without the corner pieces (inlc. in February).

Ares Orbital Defense Network

Naturally, you can also build a larger network of defense stations by just printing more of the silos and towers. Here is a suggestion:

Ares Walkways

Of course you can also add these walkways to other buildings. The fit with the plastic range and will be a good way to spice up your terrain.

Ares Wall Gun Emplacements

These emplacements are designed to complement the existing plastic range and integrate seamlessly with your buildings. The wall gun emplacement comes in two options: closed and open. The turret is separate and posable.

Pyraeus Tall Pylons and Small Pylons

I updated and introduced more parts for the Pyraeus line: the two-piece tall pylons, which stands taller than a Reaver, are now complemented by the small pylons. The small pylons can be built in several versions: regular small and by (adding a mid piece) as high as you want. The good thing here is, they will fit the roofs of your buildings for some variety.

Heres Train Buffer Stop, Gate and additional Mono-Rails

Even without brakes trains reach their final destination eventually… and there should be a buffer stop.

Also the nobles of Mytilene are very thirsty for Amasec. Deliver their favourite drink with the brand new Booze Waggon.

Also – in case you already have the Walls of Mytilene – you can now integrate a tran gate (red) into the walls. That way the Heresy Train can go through the walls.

Also, there is more options for the Mono-Rail, making it possible to finally build the 8-loop we all dreamed of 😀

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