How to get your Downloads

This post explains how you credit your files to your GDT account. Please make sure that you have white listed adresses and you checked your junk mail folder in case you did not get any confirmation mails. Please follow these simple steps to credit your monthly files to your account.

“Some cursed machine spirits lose STL construct templates. Cant the rite of iterated data spool access.”

1. Have a subscription

The precondition for linking GDT files to your account is of course that you have a subscription with GDT and that you have an active account. In case you are not subscribed, you can select your subscription here. In case you are interesed in becoming a licensed merchant, please get a Machinator Subscription.

2. Get your Files!

You already have a subscription? Excellent! Now you only need to perform these steps:

  • Be logged in with your GDT account
  • Go to the monthly packages here
  • Select the current month
  • Put the File package in the basket and check out

Remember that the monthly packages of the current month are 1. exclusivly available to subscribers before they go to regular sale next month and 2. your membership discount will be automatically subscribed. As a member you will not have to pay for your monthly package.

3. Download your Files

Once you have checked out and linked the files to your account you will be able to download these files in the future from your account’s download section. Lost your files? Crashed your hard disk? Migrated to a new computer? All no problem. Just doanload again at any time.

4. Rate the Package

Of course I’d be very happy for you to rate the package through the shop. Please do so, if you like what you got 🙂


  1. Hi, I want yo purchase the “February 2021 – STL Package” or some individual stl from it, but i can’t. I am a Architectus subscriptor. Do I have to be Machinator to be able to download it?

  2. getting charges applied for items I was meant to get as a Architectus subscriber? not keen to download until I see I wont get charged. please advise.

  3. Hello,
    I have tried to down load august’s package but I cannot, it wants to charge me again. I don’t understand why august package did not down load when I purchased the two months I caught up on, any help with this will be appreciated

    Thank you

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