March 2021 – Package Preview

Hello Architects, 
with the walls of Mytilene complete and plenty of options available, we will venture to explore the city of Argos in March. 
Mytilene Line
For better integration and following your feedback, the Mytilene line will be expanded with the following: 
  • Narrow Ramp
  • Regular Ramp
  • Wide Ramp
  • Mytilene <-> Argos Bunker connector
  • Mytilene <-> Ares Walkway connector
Ares Line
The bellicose city of Ares and the Orbital Defense Guns get some expansions and a new roof topping.
  • Nemesis weapon roof
  • Wide walkway (for larger infantry trays)
  • Wide Walkway connector
Argos Line
The Argos Line Makes it’s debut and come with two major sets: the bunker system and the trench system. You will be able to connect both systems to the Ares Orbital Defense Network and the Walls of Mytilene.
  • Big Octagon Bunker
  • Big Frontline Research Building
  • Long Bunker 
  • Bunker Hallways in a couple of shapes and lengths
  • Trench Elements incl. connectors to the Bunker System
Heresy Train
New Heresy Train Waggons will be available:
  • Armoured Passenger Waggon
  • Gun Waggon
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