2022 Admin Outlook: Changes to the Architectus Membership // New Features

As promised, here is the list of things that will be different in 2022. No worries, all changes for the better 🙂

Content Mix: 80% STL / 20% Documentation

With the increasing amount of parts (and thus a multiplying amount of possible builds), I get more and more feedback asking for better documentation and build suggestions. As you may have noticed, I have already moved the “Official Builds” section to a more prominent position on the website and also started working on a number of new builds. In the future I shall dedicate around 20% of my time budget on documentation and build suggestions. This will amount to 3-5 official builds per month (depending on the complexity of the builds). Naturally the remainder of the time will be spent on making new parts, but the overall number per package will slightly decrease down to around 30-35 new parts per month.

Release Day on the 7th

I have observed a change in the speed payment gateways are processing payments in general and they’re getting slower. While I do not know the reasons for that, it does impact the model of GDT a fair bit. Thus I am moving the release day to the 7th of every month. That’ll hopefully make sure that everything is processed upon release day.

Please use Paypal

If possible, please use Paypal. It reduces the administrative overhead significantly and allows me to spend less time pleasing my accountant and more time actually creating content. Please change the payment method in your account settings, in case you’re using a credit card for payment.

New Feature: AR View / 3D View

Some of you will have seen me being all excited over the latest feature on the website, wich is an AR / 3D Viewer of Official Builds. This feature is ready and I am rolling it out at the moment and in the future all official builds will have the building available for 3D and AR view. Why is that awesome? Two simple reason:

  1. When deciding what to print next, AR view is helpful, because it allows you to put a virtual model on your battlefield. All AR models are correctly scaled and use real life measurements. To use the AR function you need to open an Official Build on a mobile device (tablet or phone) and hit the AR button on the top right. After a short loading time, you’ll be able to place the building and view it on your battlefield.
  2. When building the model, 3D view is very helpful in addition to the instructions. In 3D view you can turn, pivot, zoom etc. and understand exactly how the building is made.

Here is a building for you to test (please note that the resolution of the building depends on the complexity because of a max polygon limit. Smaller buildings may seem more detailed).

Planned Feature: Community Builds

I have talked about this on multiple occasions, and a handful community builds already made it into the official collection. In the new year I want to take community interaction with regards to builds to a new level and enable all members to create and share your own creations. The feature is already in development with my WebDev and it will interact seamlessly with the parts catalogue that is already in use.

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