July 2022 – STL Package

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The July 2022 package finally brings us  a much anticipated scenery piece: large craces and gantry cranes.

Pyraeus ATLAS Loading Crane

The centre piece of this month’s package is the ATLAS Loading crane. A massive crane to move heavy cargo. The ATLAS runs on heavy duty tracks.

Pyraeus Excipio Salvage Crane

It’s a smaller but mobile version of the ATLAS Loading crane. Think “crane on tracks” and you have the Exciper Salvage Crane.

Pyraeus Gantry Crane

The Pyraeus Gantry Crane can be used to upgrade existing buildings. Simply connect two buildings with flat roofs by putting a gantry crane on top!

Pyraeus Promethium Refueller

The Promethium Refueller is used to refuel large vehicles in a trek.

Hermes with Dozer Blade

I dont think this needs explanation. (Hermes not included).

Long Flatbed Land Train Part

Fit double sized Makrotainers and large amounts of regular containers on the Long Flatbed for the Land Train.

Auxiliary Reactor Land Train Part

Stuck in the Ash Wastes and without power? Not anymore! Add the Auxiliary Reactor to the Land Train.


26th July 2022 – added 3 new parts to the wildcard


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