October 2021 – STL Package

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Expanding on the Gothic Terrain released in September 2021, this month’s release brings us new additions. Most importantly a number of options for Flying Buttresses to be added to all Civitas Compatible buildings. As a new product line, the Imperial Streets are being introduced in October with a first set of undamaged streets.

This month’s package brings dozens of new parts and also allows youto build these following three buildings. This package includes all parts needed, also those from previous releases.

Kits you can build with this Package

Ares Vulcano Cannon Emplacement

Imperial Plinth

Imperial Umbraculum

Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is a new product line that has its debut in September 2021. The Imperial Palace can be used to build all official imperial buildings such as governours residences, administratum buildings, cathedrals and all other facilities the Imperium would bring to a newly compliant world.

External Files

The Imperial Plinth is perfect for fitting external files on it. One of the best examples would be:

Gothic Hooded Statue by Harrowtale (ideally scale it to 75% for ideal fit)

If you’re looking for more variety, we recommend the Scan the World Library over at MMF:

Scan the World

Included Parts from Previous Releases

Like always I am trying to make a monthly releae as

The Imperial Palace

  • IP-001 Imperial Palace – Wide Entry Stairs
  • IP-008 Imperial Palace – Wide Entry Gate 1 L
  • IP-009 Imperial Palace – Wide Entry Gate 1 R
  • IP-017 Imperial Palace – 1LCBT Base Wall
  • IP-018 Imperial Palace – 2LCBT Gothic Base
  • IP-038 Imperial Palace – 2HCBT Gothic Wall


  • AR-039 Ares – Base Wall Corner
  • AR-042 Ares – 2HCBT Base Wall
  • AR-046 Ares – Stub Quad Flakk


  • AG-063 Argos – Pavaise VS Projector Coils

Please note that there is several pieces with abbreviations like MCBT or LCBT. The letters CBT stand for “Civitas Building Tile” and refer to the heights low (L), medium (M) and high (H). If there is a number as a prefix, that number refers to the width of a civitas plastic piece. As an example: a 2 HCBT piece refers to the largest civitas size, a 1 LCBT piece refers to the smallest. 😉 You want to keep that in mind when building, because the mechanicum building are fully compatible to GW’s range.


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