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The June 2022 package offers a wide range of new parts for the Pyraeus refinery setting. Not only can you integrate the Pyraeus Mega Tanks with the Argos range, but also you can build complex refinery settings by adding the Parts from April 2022 to your build.

Pyraeus Promethium Buffer

Promethium Buffers are a very common sight anywhere Promethium is used by vehicles. Promethium Buffers allow for quick storage at central transportation hubs with high throughput.

Pyraeus Promethium Recombinator

At some stages during Promethium processing, the raw Promethium needs to be recombined. This allows for the different uses throughout the imperial administrative structure. Despite carrying the same name, Promethium for the Imperial Navy is vastly different from Promethium used by ground vehicles.

Pyraeus Pipeline Hub

Promethium Pipelines span across every imperial settlement like blood vessels in a creature. Promethium is the liquid every machine consumes and thus pipelines carrying the fuel are everywhere. The Promethium pipeline hub is a small node where several pipelines meet and part.

Bulk Freight Terminal

In very rare places, Promethium can be found in its high-density crystalline form as Promethium Ore. Although the processing is more complex, yields are much higher. The Bulk Freight Terminal is one of the early stages of Pormethium processing: getting the raw ore from the excavation site to the refinery.


14th June 2022 – Added PY-132, PY-133 and PY-134 in the Addons Zip


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