Birthday Surprise

Hey People! Who doesn’t like to celebrate? I had my 5000th birthday on Sunday and to celebrate this occasion I am giving you another small surprise:

The GrimDark Warp Missle. 

The Warp Missle is free for all February subscribers. Just activate the purchase in your user accounts.

Have fun printing and stay turned for Thursday, Feb 4th which is the release day for the February package.



  1. Those above birthday surprise still count? Seeing I only joined a few days ago but I see a x% discount price not a 100% discount price

  2. Hi Rudolf, I’m painting up my print of this now, damn man, its awesome and it totally loves being dry-brushed ??

    Have you considered a variant where you can attach two or three missiles? the legio rules in the Ryza book allow you to increase the limted (x) trait, and I want to try running a 2x or 3x Warp missile stack on a Reaver?

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