Tutorial: Adding Text to the UHCM Map Label

You will need

  • A TinkerCAD account
  • The Part CM-019 UHCM – Blank Name Plate (January 2022)

How to do it

Please follw these super simple steps to add text.

  1. Visit www.tinkercad.com and log in.
  2. Open a new document
  3. Hit the “Import” button (top right)
  4. Drag and Drop CM-019 UHCM – Blank Name Plate and keep the dimension and the scale MM
  5. Select “Text” from simple shapes (right menu)
  6. Type the name of your map and arrange the text. Scale to taste.
  7. Make sure the text goes into the CM-019 UHCM – Blank Name Plate object.
  8. Hit the “Export” button (top right) and Export to STL
  9. Support or print flat to build plate.
  10. Success

This whole process should only take a few minutes, but will add so much flavour to your map. Doing this makes you a scholar and gentleman.

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