April Preview: Mechanicum Prometheum Depot

Here is a little preview of what I am working on for the GrimDark Terrain: Adeptus Titanicus Mechanicum Terrain. Yay! I have been wanting to do Mechanicum terrain for quite a while, but did not really know where to start. There are simply so many terrain opportunities with the Mechanicum line, but now I have decided: the first Mechanicum building for AT will be a Prometheum Depot with plenty of pipes, tanks and storage units.

This model is still WIP and lacking a proper topping and a way to run the pipes over the railing. But once that is done, the kit is complete. Like always the terrain is fully compatible to the Civitas Imperialis plastic kits and can be mixed.

This kit will be part of the April package for all members.

And here are a few pictures

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