March 2022 – STL Package

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The March 2022 package theme is “Super Heavy Mining”. Included in the package are two corresponding kits: The Excavator Maioris and the Civitas Land Train.

Sold By: GrimDark Terrain

March 2022 brings us something many many members have been constantly asking for: Super Heavy Excavator Machinery and a Civitas Land Train.

Part Pics can be found here: GDT March 2022 – Part Pics

Excavator Maioris

The Excavator Maioris is generally regarded as one of the marvels settler STCs developed when settling on a mining world. Being a non-militarum fit, the Excavator Maioris uses the versatile Serperestis tracked base unit which is able to carry even the heaviest top constructions.

The Excavator Maioris is a multi-part kit for 3D printing. Learn how to print and build it here.

Civitas Land Train – Ore Transport

This Land Train is a dedicated ore transport unit, shuttling ore payload from the excavator to the refineries. Learn how to build it here.

Civitas Land Train – Flatbed Transport

This transport Land Train is a multi-pupose build, able to transport anything from containers to Rhino-chassis tanks. Learn how to build it here.

Dump Truck Lorry

The Lorry recieved a small upgrade. Read more here.


Update History

– 12.03.22: Fixed missing Magnet Slot on VH-001 Landtrain Engine (Land Train Package updated)


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