August 2021 – STL Package

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Please note that there is several pieces with abbreviations like MCBT or LCBT. The letters CBT stand for “Civitas Building Tile” and refer to the heights low (L), medium (M) and high (H). If there is a number as a prefix, that number refers to the width of a civitas plastic piece. As an example: a 2 HCBT piece refers to the largest civitas size, a 1 LCBT piece refers to the smallest. 😉 You want to keep that in mind when building, because the mechanicum building are fully compatible to GW’s range.

Please read the Blog post to learn what’s in the package.

Now for the parts in August 2021:

Pyraeus Scatter Terrain

With the Pyraeus Line covering anything Trade and Industry related, it is only natural to provide some scatter terrain this month. Here are a number of different palettes with various goods on them. (They are perfect companions for the fork lifter by the way 😉 )

  • PY-012 Empty Palette
  • PY-013 Pyraeus – Keg Palette 1
  • PY-014 Keg Palette 2
  • PY-015 Pyraeus – Keg Palette 3
  • PY-016 Pyraeus – Crate Palette 1
  • PY-017 Pyraeus – Crate Palette 2
  • PY-018 Crate Palette 3

Olympus Mons (Mechanicum)

The main release this month is the Olympus Mons Automated Container Storage.

  • OM-030 Olympus Mons – Storage Topping
  • OM-031 Olympus Mons – Container Lift – Cage
  • OM-032 Olympus Mons – Containter Lift – Platform
  • OM-060 Olympus Mons – 2 HCBT Container Storage Front
  • OM-061 Olympus Mons – 2HCBT Container Storage Side
  • OM-063 Olympus Mons – Vertical Container Lift Ground
  • OM-064 Olympus Mons – Vertical Container Lift 1
  • OM-065 Olympus Mons – Vertical Container Lift Hatch
  • OM-066 Olympus Mons – Container Lift Rails to Aeolus
  • OM-067 Olympus Mons – Container Lift Rails
  • OM-081 Olympus Mons – Top Handrail 1
  • OM-082 Olympus Mons – Top Handrail Corner
  • OM-083 Olympus Mons – Top Handrail Mid
  • OM-084 Olympus Mons – Corner Lift Base
  • OM-085 Olympus Mons – Corner Lift Mid
  • OM-086 Olympus Mons – Corner Lift Top
  • OM-087 Olympus Mons – Corner Lift Platform
  • OM-088 Olympus Mons – HCBT Storage Pillar


After the huge success the Samson Freighter had in July 2021, the ground vehicles range is having it’s debut in August. In total we are seeing 3 different vehicles: the GrimDark Fire Truck, the Lorry and the Forklifter. In total the August Package includes 13 Ground Vehicle STLs:

  • VH-008 Lorry – Hull
  • VH-009 Lorry – Flat Bed Module
  • VH-010 Forklifter – Hull
  • VH-011 Forklifter – Fork 1
  • VH-012 Forklifter – Fork 2
  • VH-013 Forklifter – Fork 3
  • VH-014 Vehicle Wheel 1
  • VH-015 Vehicle Wheel 2
  • VH-016 Lorry – Plasma Battery Module
  • VH-017 Lorry – Liquid Transport Module
  • VH-018 Fire Truck – Hull
  • VH-019 Fire Truck – Water Cannon 1
  • VH-020 Fire Truck – Water Cannon 2

Please note, that the Lorry Modules can be swapped easily, when magnetised.



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