December 2021 – STL Package

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Imperial Palace

The main part of this months package is the Spire Upgrades for the Imperial Palace Range.

In addition there are more damaged parts to build ruined buildings.

  • IP-129 Imperial Palace – 1DHCBT Shutter Window DL1 v2
  • IP-130 Imperial Palace – 1DHCBT Shutter Window DL2 v2
  • IP-050 Imperial Palace – Narrow Entry Plain

The IP-079 allows you to create “in-building-cannon-emplacements”:

  • IP-079 Imperial Palace – 2HCBT Gun Windows

The main parts of the release are the spire parts. Please read the What’s in the Package post to get additional info on the spires.


The Argos Range gets two smaller updates from community requests:

  • AG-078 Argos – Outside Staircase
  • AG-079 Argos – Narrow Exhaust Topping

The starcase can connect Argos Landing Pad Toppings and make them accessible to infantry. The AG-079 Narrow Exhaust Topping allows you to convert Argos Towers to an industrial Chimney (as shown here by the talented @Wraithbone)


Gets a major update with all sorts of fortified walls and base walls as well as additional tube entries and styled



The big Aeolus Landing pad gets two more variation pieces to extend certain builds.

  • AE-026 Aeolus – Landing Pad Ramp Corner
  • AE-027 Aeolus – Landing Pad Straight Extender 0

See here why the AE-026 is awesome for integrating with Imperial Street Curbs.

Heresy Train

The Heresy Train Monorails get two broken end pieces (straight and curved) and a Prison Transport waggon.

  • HT-015 – Prisoner Transport Waggon
  • HT-016 – Broken Straight Monorail
  • HT-017 – Broken Curved Monorail


The Mytilene Walls from January 2021 are intended as Woll-Tower-Wall Pattern. Several Community members suggested a spacer piece to connect Wall-Spacer-Wall-Spacer-Wall.

  • MT-055 Mytilene – Base Wall Spacer
  • MT-056 Mytilene – Floor Spacer
  • MT-057 Mytilene – Battlement Spacer

Olympus Mons

Also in this range we have a community request in three variations: 0.5HCBT Base Walls. In addition to that you can use the OM-100 Emplacement Topping to make very Martian defenses.

  • OM-097 Olympus Mons – 0.5HCBT Base Wall 1
  • OM-098 Olympus Mons – 0.5HCBT Base Wall 2
  • OM-099 Olympus Mons – 0.5HCBT Base Wall 3
  • OM-100 Olympus Mons – 0.5×0.5 Emplacement Topping


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