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Maychanicum! May 2022 brings us a long awated update for the Olympus Mons range.

Sold By: GrimDark Terrain

It’s Maychanicum! And this means, this month’s package is full with

Triplex Data Fortress

The Mechanicum Data Fortresses store all knowledge accumulated by the tech priests and every single device of the Mechanicum. Not only are those data fortresses reservoirs of sheer infinity knowledge, but also they serve as noospheric nodes and transmitters.

You can build a Triplex Data Fortress and a Quadplex Datafortress with this package.

Mechanicum Crawlers

The Crawlers get an update and you can decide to either make a Mechanicum excavator or choose the transport pads and use the kit as super heavy salvage transports (for example hauling away half a warlord 😉 ).

Moving Olympus Mons Houses

With the new Adapter VH-108 you can mount 2×2 buildings of the Olympus Mons range on a crawler and create a unique battlefield with moving houses. (Oh yes, I watched Mortal Engines recently!)

Harpyrax Siege Drones

The Harpyrax Siege drones are an excellent addition to any table, or you can use them to represent a stratagem or mission objective, if you’re Mechanicum aligned. The intended Use is to put two of the drones on a 60mm base and replace Acastus and Asterius Knights with the drones. Weapons, bulk and secondary weapons are designed to represent these Knights.


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