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Open trench warfare with the base package of the 3D printable Argos product line. Build awesome 8mm Trench and Fortifications Scenery for Titanicus and Epic

Sold By: GrimDark Terrain

The August 2023 brings fortifications and trenchlines fully compatible with the new EPIC. All trenches and emplacements have been designed to accommodate 25mm bases for infantry, heavy support, sentinels and dreadnoughts.The set is fully compatible to the previously released Argos range and can fit all Super-Heavy weapons GDT ever released.

Included in the kit are various trench variants, including Vox Relais stations and Promethium stations, as well as a number of different entries, ramps and openings.

Examples for possible layouts:

Please note that the red models are for size illusatration purposes only and are not included in the kit. The base of the red infantry has a 25mm diameter.

Another group shoot with a close up of the Apocalypse launchers and proxy Space Crusaders.


STC Templates included

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