February 2022 – STL Package

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The Febraury 2022 package theme is “Salvage Operations”. Included in the package are: Freighter wrecks, Light Salvage Titans and corresponding Terrain Tiles.

Sold By: GrimDark Terrain

February 2022 sees a lot of brand new additions to the GrimDark Terrain product ranges. Read the Release Post to learn more.

The Hermes Light Salvage Titan

The Hermes is a new Warhound-sized Titan Class for light close range salvage operations. Many believe that the Hermes chassis was one of the earliest Titan classes.

The Hermes Kit is a multipart resin kit for various options. Look out for the STC Post on the Hermes.

Terrain Inserts

Following the theme of “Salvage Operations” we’re expanding the Terrain Inserts by two different types of crashed space ships. That way players can put a salvage operation on a Campaign Map.

  • TI-009 Terrain Insert – Crashed Spaceship 1
  • TI-010 Terrain Insert – Crashed Spaceship 2

Crashed Samson

The first range of Ares Base toppers is also releases this month. The base toppers are to be used on the regular plastic bases. January 2022 includes an Ares themed pack.


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