February 2021 – STL Package

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The February 2021 package is filled to the brim with goodies and expansions. Check the description for details!

Sold By: GrimDark Terrain

This months package features the Ares product line and introduces the Pyraeus line. Also, there are new parts for the Walls of Mytilene that allow to connect to other ranges.

Please note that there is several pieces with abbreviations like MCBT or LCBT. The letters CBT stand for “Civitas Building Tile” and refer to the heights low (L), medium (M) and high (H). If there is a number as a prefix, that number refers to the width of a civitas plastic piece. As an example: a 2 HCBT piece refers to the largest civitas size, a 1 LCBT piece refers to the smallest. 😉 You want to keep that in mind when building, because the mechanicum building are fully compatible to GW’s range.

Now for the parts in February 2021:

Ares Defense Laser / Missle Silo / Defense Network

The Ares fortifications line debuts in February as main release and comes with two kits: the Ares Defense Laser Bastion and the Ares Deathstrike Missle Silo. One can easily combine several of these kits and build an entire Ares Defense Network with Walkways in between.

  • Outer Bridge Archs
  • Inner Bridge Archs
  • Bridge Ramp sides and mid
  • Bridge top and ramp top
  • Ornaments

Walls of Mytilene

After the main release in January 2021, the Walls of Mytilene major upgrade with 3 different gates: the Knight Gate, the Tank Gate and the Titan Gate. Also there are smaller upgrades and connectors to connect to existing ranges and expand pipelines and grids throught the walls.

  • Knight Gate House
  • Knight Gate
  • Titan Gate Towers
  • Various Gate parts for a modular Titan Gate
  • Tech Emplacements (Spotlight, Antennae and Radar Dish)
  • Powerline Connectors to connect to the Pyraeus Grid
  • the Broadside Gun Wall


The trade and industry themed Pyraeus range also debuts with this package and introduces the power pylons in two sizes: Small Power Pylons for 3 cables (with height extender) and large (really large) Power Pylons for 5 cables.

  • Small Power Pylon
  • Hight extender for the small Pylon
  • Large Power Pylon

Heresy Train

The Heresy Train gets upgrades as well:

  • Heresy Train Buffer Stop
  • Curved Monorails
  • X-Cross Monorails
  • and a Booze Waggon for a weekly Amasec transport


And last but not least you will get a small titanic surprise, like in every package.


5 reviews for February 2021 – STL Package

  1. BradGoldingay (verified owner)

    Fantastic terrain set! The creator is doing a fantastic job at future proofing designs and making as many kits compatible as possible, and we’re only in month two so far!

  2. Tilioch (verified owner)

    Great set of terrain for your small scale battles, but also works well when scaled up for you heroic scaled wargaming. As they are made to be modular the combinations and building you can get from this set is not quite endless, but not to far from it!

  3. Kristian Kelly (verified owner)

    Amazing terrain, makes fantastic buildings and even a perfect fit to existing plastic terrain for this scale.

    A great product to expand your terrain collection.

  4. Michael Roestenburg (verified owner)

    Just amazing models! And really easy to print! Can’t wait for future releases

  5. Henry Collier (verified owner)

    Great work as ever by GDT! Some amazing designs and all pre-supported. Only critique is that im certainly going to have to buy a larger form factor SLA printer….cant keep up!

5 Reviews

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