Heresy Train Starter Kit [STL]

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The Heresy Train Starter Kit provides you with all STLs you need to get the Heresy Train going. Train Engine, Cargo Waggons, Straight and Cruved Monorails included.

Sold By: GrimDark Terrain

This Heresy Train Starter Set contains everything you need to make a Heresy Train line including the engine, two different cars, straight and curved monorails and a X-cross section.

The set includes:

HT-008 Heresy Train – MR Curved

HT-009 Heresy Train – MR X-Cross

HT-010 Heresy Train – MR Buffer Stop

HT-011 Heresy Train – Booze Waggon

HT-012 – Heresy Train Engine

HT-013 – Heresy Train Waggon

HT-014 – Heresy Train Straight Monorail



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