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The July package brings a full set for an Airfield in 8mm scale. Build landing pads, shield generators, air traffic control towers and of course the massive Samson Freighter. All included and pre-supported in the July package.

Sold By: GrimDark Terrain

This months package is packed with new parts for several GrimDark Terrain product lines. In June you will see updates to the Heresy Train, Olympus Mons and Argos. Also we introduce the new Aeolus Airfield.

Please note that there is several pieces with abbreviations like MCBT or LCBT. The letters CBT stand for “Civitas Building Tile” and refer to the heights low (L), medium (M) and high (H). If there is a number as a prefix, that number refers to the width of a civitas plastic piece. As an example: a 2 HCBT piece refers to the largest civitas size, a 1 LCBT piece refers to the smallest. 😉 You want to keep that in mind when building, because the mechanicum building are fully compatible to GW’s range.

Now for the parts in July 2021:

Samson Freighter (Aeolus Range)

The center piece of July is the Samson Freighter, a super heavy lifting craft big enough to count as terrain. This multipart kit with different loading bay options (so far loaded with containers and empty) and for sure will catch your opponent’s eye (and prevent him to work on firing solutions).

  • Samson Freighter – Bow (AE-012)
  • Samson Freighter – Fuselage (AE-013)
  • Samson Freighter – Cargo Containers (AE-014)
  • Samson Freighter – Aft (AE-015)
  • Samson Freighter – Retro Thrusters (AE-016)
  • Samson Freighter – Exhaust (AE-017)
  • Samson Freighter – Aft Wing L (AE-018)
  • Samson Freighter – Aft Wing R (AE-019)
  • Samson Freighter – Cargo Bay Wall Bow (AE-020)
  • Samson Freighter – Cargo Bay Wall Aft (AE-021)
  • Samson Freighter – Container Clamp Extended (AE-022)
  • Samson Freighter – Container Clamp Retracted (AE-023)

Important: Users with smaller printers (like a Photon or Mars sized printer) will need to print the Samson’s bow in two separate parts (AE-024 and AE-025). Owners of larger maschines (like a Mono X or Saturn) will be able to print the bow in one single piece (AE-012). SBP stands for Small Build Plate.

  • Samson Freighter – SBP Bow Hull (AE-024)
  • Samson Freighter – SBP Bow Wing (AE-025)

Learn how to build the Samson here.

Aeolus Airfields

The Aeolus Airfields are having their debut in June 2021. The Aeolus range is all about planes, landing pads, com towers and anything else one would expect on and around an airfield. For July we revamped the files and corrected a few errors, also rearranged the magnet holes and extended the number of parts for better building options.

  • Aeolus Landing Pad Corner L (AE-001)
  • Aeolus Landing Pad Corner R (AE-002)
  • Aeolus Landing Pad Corner (AE-003)
  • Aeolus Landing Pad Ramp (AE-004)
  • Aeolus Stars (AE-005)
  • Aeolus Inner Centre Square (AE-006)
  • Aeolus Inner Extension Square (AE-007)
  • Aeolus Straing Extender 0 (AE-008)
  • Aeolus Straing Extender 1 L (AE-009)
  • Aeolus Straing Extender 1 R (AE-010)
  • Aeolus Straing Extender 2 (AE-011)

Argos Air Control, Flakk Bunker and Void Shield Pavaise

After the main release in March 2021, the Argos Bunkers are also getting a neven more upgrades upgrades. Following our community requests, the Argos line get new parts this month:

  • AG-059 Argos – Megabunker Connection Peg
  • AG-060 Argos – Pavaise VS Projector Tower 1
  • AG-061 Argos – Pavaise VS Projector Tower 2
  • AG-062 Argos – Pavaise VS Projector Base
  • AG-063 Argos – Pavaise VS Projector Coils
  • AG-064 Argos – Pavaise VS Projector Dish
  • AG-065 Argos – Outside Staircase
  • AG-066 Argos – Mega Bunker Floor 135 2E
  • AG-067 Argos – Mega Bunker Side Emplacement
  • AG-068 Argos – Mega Bunker Side Pipes
  • AG-069 Argos – Pavaise VS Projector Tower 3
  • AG-070 Argos – Air Control Tower Base
  • AG-071 Argos – Air Control Tower Level
  • AG-072 Argos – Air Control Tower Top Connector
  • AG-073 Argos – Air Control Tower Circular Balcony
  • AG-074 Argos – Large Communication Dish
  • AG-075 Argos – Access Floor 135 2E

From previous packages we also included:

  • Argos Experimental Tech Topping (AG-005)
  • Argos Mega Bunker Garage Door (AG-027)

Learn how to build the Argos Flakk Bunker.


And last but not least you will get a small titanic surprise, like in every package. Hope you like fire?



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