March 2021 – STL Package

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The March 2021 package gives you updates and a whole new product line. Check the description for details!

Sold By: GrimDark Terrain

This months package is packed with new parts for several GrimDark Terrain product lines. In March you will see updates to the Heresy Train, Ares Fortifications and Pyraeus. Also we introduce the new Argos Frontline products.

Argos Frontline Bunkers

The main release in March 2021 are the Argos Bunkers. This fully modular set of terrain pieces allows you to build all different sorts of bunker lines and front line research complexes. Integrate

  • 8 different Octabunkers
  • Mega Bunker Base Piece
  • 4 different Mega Bunker Extensions
  • 5 different Mega Bunker Floors (4 with Walkway conncetors)
  • 4 different Bunker Hallways
  • Bunker Entry
  • T Hallway
  • X Hallway
  • Mytilene Connector

Ares Fortifications

The Ares fortifications got expanded with the following parts:

  • Wide Walkway Segments
  • Wide Walkway Base Walls
  • Wide Walkway End Segments
  • Wide Walkway Pillar Segment
  • Narrow Walkway Pillar Segment
  • Narrow Walkway End Segment
  • 1BT Ares Base Wall
  • Thermal Mines
  • New Point Defense Guns
  • Empty Missle Silo

Heresy Train

The Heresy Train got two updates:

  • Armoured Passenger Waggon
  • Gun Waggon

Also included are fitting gun turrets for the Gun Waggon


The Pyraeus line was expanded with some scatter terrain options: barrels both stacked and individual.


And last but not least you will get a small titanic surprise, like in every package.



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