June 2023 – STL Package

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The June 2023 brings a new concept to the GDT product lines: clear resin parts! The Arx Mechanicum features powerful void barriers that can be represented with inserts in a clear resin of your choice. Also there are all parts included for additional emplacements and defense systems to protect the forges.

STC Templates included

You can build the following STCs with the June 2023 package:

  • STC-159 Ghomax Heavy Auto-Defense
  • STC-161 Arx Mechanicum Makro Emplacement
  • STC-162 Arx Mechanicum Auto-Defense Loop
  • STC-163 Arx Mechanicum Maioris Shield Pylon
  • STC-164 Arx Mechanicum Maioris Void Barrier
  • STC-165 Arx Mechanicum Maioris Auto-Defense Pylon
  • STC-166 Arx Mechanicum Maioris Capstone Pylon
  • STC-167 Arx Mechanicum Minoris Shield Pylon
  • STC-168 Arx Mechanicum Minoris Void Barrier
  • STC-169 Arx Mechanicum Minoris Auto-Defense Pylon
  • STC-170 Arx Mechanicum Minoris Capstone Pylon

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